Welcome to Jade Networks Operations

Jade Networks is a part of Jade Connections Limited and is responsible for all Internet related business. Jade Networks provides customized Internet services and solutions in the Asia-Pacific region.  Work is also being done in the areas of Network and Host based security monitoring with services to be introduced by the end of 2015. Other services include Voice over IP (VoIP), hosting for email, DNS, and websites for companies in the region.

This site documents the technical and operational details related to the Jade network.  This includes notifications of network and service changes, security, network monitoring, spam system and policies and standard network services provided.


Host Security Monitoring and Network Management systems are used to monitor our networks.   We are always looking to improve upon these systems with new systems currently being designed.  The first version should be operational by the end of 2015 and we plan to offer services in this area shortly after.  The new system incorporates traditional SIEM monitoring and our SPAM prevention systems.


Jade Networks uses the Zabbix network management platform to monitor both datacenter assets as well as remote application monitoring.  All Jade servers and firewalls are actively monitored around the clock with alerts being sent when potential error conditions are encountered.  Jade also provides constant remote network monitoring for MONIC, the Macau Domain Registrar.

SPAM Prevention

Jade Networks utilizes many countermeasures in it's attack against spam.  We also have a very strict no-spam policy for our users.  The current blocking system will be integrated into our new security framework by the end of the year. More details on these policies and our ongoing activities in the war against spam can be found here.