Standard Network Services

Jade Networks servers provide inbound remote access via the following protocols (all services TCP unless noted otherwise):

  • DNS (TCP/UDP port 53) –,
  • HTTP (port 80) – all public web servers
  • HTTPS (port 443) – none – currently disabled
  • IAX2 (ports 5036, 4569) – none – currently disabled
  • IMAP (port 143) –
  • IMAP (proxy on port 1143) –
  • POP3 (port 110) – none – currently disabled
  • RTP (ports 10000 – 20000) – none – currently disabled
  • SFTP (port 22) – See SSH as SFTP runs on top of it
  • SIP (TCP/UDP ports 5060 – 5082) – none – currently disabled
  • SMTP (port 25) –,
  • SMTP (port 8889) –, – alternate port for remote SMTP access
  • SSH (port 22) –,,
  • STUN (UDP ports 3478, 3479) – – not currently running. If there is an interest in this let us know and we can re-enable.

The HTTPS and VoIP related protocols are not currently being used. This is temporary and they will be re-enabled as these services are restored.

POP3 access is not currently supported as its use tends to remove email from the Jade Message Store server, rendering applicable webmail clients and server based backup inoperable. If you need POP3 access please contact us and we can review this on a case by case basis. We have no problem with POP3 other than it creates too many problems with naive users who do not understand why webmail access breaks after they clear the server of messages via POP3. In addition enabling POP3 can cause security concerns for some organizations as it removes the ability to backup message data on the server. Several organizations in the US Government for example are paying a high price for this recently.

All other protocols are disabled by default. If you need access to other ports let us know and we will review on a case by case basis.