Sitewide IP Network Blocks

Networks who have been confirmed to be involved in direct attacks on our networks have their IP address range blocked at our exterior firewall. These blocks apply to ALL protocols and completely isolate these hostile networks from connecting to ANY Jade Service.  Networks on this list have been involved in extensive attacks on our network (multiple attacks from many addresses on their network).  There are no automated mechanisms in place to remove addresses once they make it on this list and due to the serious nature of these types of attacks manual removal will be the only option for the foreseeable future.

The current sitewide IP network blacklist is listed below.  We also maintain a Sitewide IP Host Blocks list where individual host IP address blocks are maintained.  These are single IP addresses from hosts confirmed to be involved in attacks on our networks.  If you are having difficulties in connecting to the Jade network please check these lists first to see if your system or network is included.

If you believe your network or address is improperly listed please let us know.   Procedures for removal from the various lists can be found in our Sitewide Block Removal Procedures document.

#  Jade Networks Sitewide Network Blocks
#  =====================================
#  Number of entries: 62
#  Date of last update: Thu Nov 30 23:06:01 HKT 2017
#  -------------------------------------------------