Spam Network Blocks

Spam messages that get through our mail system defences and which are detected in the various mailboxes we monitor end up in our internal blacklist.  This is currently implemented as a full IP block on our mail servers.  There are no current automated mechanisms in place to remove addresses once they make it on this list.  This will change when we migrate to a new system we are designing, hopefully by the end of 2015.

The current network blacklist is listed below.  This list includes networks who we believe to either be directly in the spam business or who have a very large number of users as spammers.  We also maintain a Spam Hosts Block list where individual host blocks from confirmed spammer IP addresses.  If you are having difficulties in connecting to the Jade MTA’s please check these lists first to see if your mail system is included.

We also maintain additional blocks on hosts and networks involved on active attacks on our networks.  These sites and networks are documented in our Sitewide IP Host Blocks and Sitewide IP Network Blocks lists. Unlike the spam lists IP addresses listed on these lists are blocked from our entire network.

If you believe your network or address is improperly listed please let us know.   Procedures for removal from the various lists can be found in our SPAM Block List Removal Procedures and Sitewide Block Removal Procedure documents.

#  Jade Networks SPAM Networks
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#  Number of entries: 96
#  Date of last update: Mon Oct  3 06:32:01 HKT 2016
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